support the wonderful weavers! 

Sponsor a page of the Basket Weaving Guide:

We are currently designing a basket weavers guide book that will be printed and distributed to every single member of HADITHI Support CBO (that's 600 weavers and counting!). 

Goals of the guide book:

This guide is developed for every basket weaver that is member of a group that Hadithi Crafts Support CBO works with. 

It is providing a complete overview on weaving techniques, designs and quality standards specifically for sisal baskets. We discuss basket quality from start to finish, explain some technical parts of basket weaving and give you plenty of design ideas.

We hope that with the help of this guide, every lady can produce only baskets that she will sell, and no baskets that will stay behind because of quality or design issues.

This guide will communicate very clearly on what a basket needs to be, to be popular and sellable.