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  • Woody Woodworth

Web Traffic or REAL Traffic - What's The Deal?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

We all know that ADVERTISING is key to the success of any business.

We also know that 'cheap' advertising doesn't exist...

Or Does it?

Here's what we discovered while putting our marketing campaign together for THE VILLAGE:

- One Month using paid ads by Google exposed us to roughly 12,000 people.

On the surface, that seems pretty high and sounds promising. That's what we thought, anyway.

The thing is, that those were only 'impressions' meaning that there is zero guarantee that people (let alone qualified prospects) would even notice our ad on whatever page they happened to be visiting at the time.

Also, the 'spend' is a 'pay-to-play' deal. You set a daily budget and once the day is done your money is g-o-n-e. Rinse and repeat. Spend, spend... SPEND.

We went for the lowest cost option, just to test the waters. Once this was in place we got a call from Google who offered to help us put together a better campaign. It's called 'the upsell'. Long story short, we could get a lot more impressions for a minimum of $2,500 per quarter. All I heard was $10,000 per year!!

Then, We called the City planning department and they told us that

the average daily volume of vehicles that drive right by THE VILLAGE is an astounding ~ 7,500!

Simple math with a few variables not considered tells us that:

2,737,500 vehicles per year

drive right in front of THE VILLAGE.*

(Yep. That's almost 3 million a year!)

So, we saw this as an awesome opportunity to offer Signage to THE VILLAGE customers.

This will help to build their brand, keep top of mind, encourage customer drop-ins and generate the calls that lead to more closed business. Gas in the tank. Cash in the bank.

Signage will be available to a limited number of our artisan/makerspace and contractor storage yard customers at a small fraction of the cost of 'the other guys'. We believe it'll be a way better bang for your buck too!

These signage opportunities will get snapped up quickly and space is extremely limited so be sure to talk to us about it when securing your space at THE VILLAGE.

*Now, to be fair, this approach doesn't capture emails, offer targeting or tracking cookies like Google does.

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