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  • Woody Woodworth

Why Contractor Storage Yards - Top 10 Reasons:

Contractor Storage Yards are a relatively new service offering in the Self-Storage industry.

Here are the top ten reasons to rent a contractor storage yard. Can you think of others?

  1. Theft and Vandalism Prevntion.

  2. 24/7 x 365 access to your gear.

  3. Store your large equipment and inventory.

  4. Keep track of all of your equipment.

  5. Security cameras.

  6. Gated with secure individual access codes for entry.

  7. Community of like-minded contractors and business people that help each other grow and provide referrals.

  8. Standard location to meet your team and work on your equipment / machines.

  9. Most municipalities won't let you store your heavy equipment / vehicles etc.. at your house. Neighbours call by-law enforcement (ugh...)

  10. Affordable.

  11. (Bonus!). Signage available to advertise & promote your brand and grow your business.


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