L | natural | basket | fine weave | sisal

L | natural | basket | fine weave | sisal


This basket was handwoven by women from the Taita tribe in south-western Kenya. The Taita community is known for their tradition of basket weaving as a form of functional art. By buying this basket you are supporting a woman in a very remote, drought stricken area where there are very few ways to make a living. The name of the weaver is attached to your basket on a peice of card, handwritten by her. You can download a high resolution photo of her from our portrait gallery, just search for her name in products. Thank you for supporting this weaver, we will let her know that her basket has been sold to you. If you would like to support her further please subscribe to our #BasketPledge where all proceeds will go directly to her co-operative and the weaving groups will decide where best to spend it. Find out more about this initiative in our about section. 


Thank you for your support, it means a lot!

  • Measurements (cm) LARGE:

    width top 30, width bottom 20, height 30

  • Measurents (cm) SMALL:

    width top 11, width bottom 9, height 11