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Secure Parking Spaces.

For Trucks & Heavy Equipment.

Contractor Storage Yard
Contractor Storage Yard
Contractor Storage Yard
Contractor Storage Yard

Safe, secure, affordable professional parking spaces and storage yards.

If you’re a contractor or a business with commercial or industrial needs, we offer individual, dedicated storage spaces for your equipment, tools, inventory and machinery.


THE VILLAGE is in Smiths Falls, Ont. and  we also serve the communities of Perth, Carleton Place, Ottawa and many other surrounding areas.


At THE VILLAGE, we understand that professional contractors and business owners have unique needs and requirements. Talk to us about yours!


Here are some reasons to lease your yard from THE VILLAGE instead of buying your own property:

  • Cost Savings: Leasing typically requires lower upfront costs compared to purchasing a property, allowing contractors to allocate their capital more efficiently.


  • Flexibility: Leasing provides flexibility in terms of location and size. Contractors can easily scale up or down as their storage needs change without the commitment of owning a fixed property.


  • No Property Maintenance: Property maintenance, repairs, and upgrades are the responsibility of the property owner when leasing, relieving contractors of these additional expenses and tasks.


  • Shorter Commitment: Lease agreements often have shorter terms than mortgages, giving contractors the ability to adapt to changing business conditions or market dynamics more easily.


  • Tax Benefits: Lease payments are often tax-deductible as a business expense, providing potential tax advantages over property ownership.


  • Working Capital Preservation: Leasing allows contractors to preserve their working capital for other critical investments, such as equipment, personnel, and project expenses.


  • Access to Prime Locations: Leasing provides access to prime industrial locations that may be cost-prohibitive to purchase. This can be crucial for contractors needing proximity to certain projects or clients.


  • Minimal Administrative Burden: Property ownership entails administrative tasks like property management and dealing with property taxes, which are typically handled by the property owner when leasing.


  • Easy Relocation: Leasing allows contractors to relocate to more strategic locations or expand their operations without the complexities and costs associated with selling a property.


  • Focus on Core Business: Contractors can focus on their core business activities, such as construction or project management, rather than the responsibilities and distractions of property ownership.

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